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Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence is a subsection of cybersecurity. It can help organizations to understand threats, protect the systems or even respond faster to new threats. Threat Intelligence can become a precious solutions for many operational activities.
For a SOC team, valuable threat intelligence feeds allow to place relevant filters or rules to detect attacks and protect IT.
For an analyst team, a TIP (Threat Intelligence Portal) allows to investigate around attacker modus operandi and make sure the internal tactics can deal with that.
For Incident Response Teams, the ability to transform incident into indicators and share associated events to a constituency is a key value for information sharing at the company level.
For a risk manager, the association between attackers and target sector is a new way to include technological risks into a larger risk management system.
For a security manager, a threat intelligence program with dedicated tools is a way to optimize the priorities and the budget allocation where it's really useful.

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With it's ability to handle from technical to strategic aspects, threat intelligence is a real join-the-dots tool for an organization. CyberSecurity does not make really sense if it does not integrate threat intelligence inputs.

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More than 1000 organizations worldwide are using MISP

MISP is the most well known threat information sharing platform.


in a nutshell MISP
in a nutshell

Over the time, we have worked for different customers willing to use threat intelligence as a capability to protect, detect, investigate or communicate. This came at the cost of huge financial expenses, complex solutions, technical leaders and clever management. Needless to say, this solution was hard to efficiently deploy. MISP is the most well known threat information sharing platform.

On the other hand, MISP became progressively the leading platform in threat information sharing. MISP is an open source solution, built on real use cases and constantly filling the gap with new features. MISP has the largest base of threat intel customers around the world. It succeeded in creating a real community.

MISP offers the following features

  • builds your own IOC and indicators database
  • automatic correlation
  • intuitive user-interface
  • enables collaborative workflows
  • security events can be exported in various structured format (OpenIOC, CSV, XML, JSON, ...)
  • enhanced data-sharing accross trusted communities
  • adjustable taxonomy to classify and tag events
  • STIX support


Your Own
MISP Instance Your Own
MISP Instance

Before DEDIMISP, you had to install and manage a MISP portal by yourself. Now, all you need to do is activate your account and a DEDIMISP will run for you. DEDIMISP has been built with the idea to run a MISP platform in a minute, no more, no less.

MISP is the most well known threat information sharing platform.
DEDIMISP is the easiest solution for everyone to manage their own MISP.

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A dedicated MISP instance

Get you Threat Intel Platform and decide how to use it.

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Installation and notification

Forget infrastructure and administration costs.

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Organization management

Handle multiple organizations to match your workflow.

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Because sharing is caring, make it the best way for you.

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